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Revolutionary PEO/EOR service

We believe that every business needs the right support, the right skills, and above all, the right team, to manage their day-to-day operations and growth plans. But we also know that for business owners, both time and money are hugely precious commodities.

Which is why we’ve turned the entire process on its head. Supporting you to bring the very best talent from across the globe into your business.


Your dedicated DeskFrnds, no matter which role(s) you need them to fill, will bring expertise, professionalism, and on-brand communication at all times. They will be become a true extension of your own team. Actively living and breathing everything you do, and everything you stand for. Just as a traditional employee would.

Your DeskFrnds will be reliable, responsible, and accountable. Just as a traditional employee would.

Except, unlike a traditional employee – you can turn them on, off, up, or down as you need. You can choose to have more of your DeskFrnds during busy commercial periods, or choose to dial their support down during those quieter times.

Delivering you the ultimate in freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind.

It’s outsourcing re-engineered.

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Service led-approach


We are led by people and service. We work in partnership with you so that we fully understand your needs and goals - now and in the future.

We’re a team who are proud to be yours, and who you can trust to deliver the results you need – without the financial burden, worry, and responsibility of recruiting your own staff.

Whether you’re a start-up needing the technology in place to support your growth plans, or you’re already fully equipped with effective processes and systems and just need the team to deliver. We’re here.

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Access to talented ‘Frnds’

From delighting your customers from the front through to working hard behind the scenes, our diverse and talented team is at your disposal.

We take care of our people. Your people. Yes, you have an in-country point of contact and a local Account Manager who’ll ensure you’re getting the most from your DeskFrnds, but you also have access to the best talent from around the world.

You’ll have a diverse team at your disposal, however – and whenever – you need them. You’ll have proficient English speakers delighting your customers and suppliers through calls, live chat, or email communications.


You’ll have an equally as talented team working hard behind the scenes on non-customer-facing tasks like setting appointments, researching leads, or gathering data.

And you’ll have skilled experts to support the more niche or tailored of tasks like web development or software management. All while being managed and empowered by our UK team.

We adapt our approach to suit both your needs and our team’s skills. It’s cost-efficient, it’s flexible, and it’s working harder – and smarter – for you.

It’s a win:win. It’s the revolution.

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Engrained in your business

Your support ‘Frnds’ will become so engrained in your business that they’ll look, feel, and act as you’d expect any traditional employee to.


They’ll wear branded tees while chatting to your customers on videolink if it’s important to you. They’ll join your team events if you’re happy to include them. But they’ll also be as distant and remote as you need them to be.

We’re the most productive ‘bolt-on’ teams you’ve ever had or seen. Who stand for everything you do. And who you can trust to deliver each and every time.

The result? Better outcomes, smoother processes, happier clients, and a whole load more retention. And that’s all while significantly reducing your costs and headaches.

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