Key considerations managing CX in E-commerce

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-06-09

When discussing customer service, a large portion of this is now online, so E-commerce is an area not to be missed. The E-commerce sector has seen exponential growth over Covid and is expected to grow by 50% over the next 4 years. There are numerous benefits of online purchasing, both for businesses and customers. Here are some ways E-commerce benefits customers:

– Convenience of shopping from home
– Better informed decision making
– Wide product ranges from across the globe
– Time-saving by avoiding travel and queues

These are some of the reasons for customers to choose your online store over any physical store, with these in mind, your customer service measures must live up to the same standards. Here are some things to consider to ensure your E-commerce customers’ expectations are met and then exceeded.

24/7 support

The world of E-commerce never sleeps, as modern technology makes international sales a breeze. This means considering various time zones and having customer support specialists ready for when your leads need them the most. Customers purchasing online expect smooth experiences with no interruption, as it’s now possible to complete an order in just a matter of seconds. So when an issue occurs, it’s important to have specialists on hand to guide them through the sales funnel.


Of course, the speed of an experience is important, but it can be a waste without creating a meaningful connection between the brand and the customer. Customers want to feel welcomed on inception, so using their first name, offering relevant offers and solutions and catering to them personally can create the world’s greatest advocates. Knowing you’re being listened to and cared for is a fantastic feeling when you reach a barrier, so having a team that can create this feeling is what increases repeat sales and outstanding feedback.


Having an online store can take your local target audience and open up it up to the world, bringing you much more sales potential. With the E-commerce sector set to account for 95% of all sales by 2040, the ability to scale your customer support is a must. Whether it’s during seasonal demand or natural spikes, having a seamlessly scalable customer support team ensures customers are not left in the dark, ultimately reducing churn rates. It’s easy to run out of legroom when scaling a UK team, which is where we come in. Thanks to our expert processes and expert team, you can scale as you wish.


Reducing the pressure on your support team can help reduce your hours and your spend; this can be done by having a comprehensive FAQ section and return policy. If your customers run into common issues on your site, then the answer should be highlighted on your site to save them and your team valuable time. Your products are not the right thing for everyone, so a straightforward return policy is vital to have withdrawing customers leave on a good note, hopefully leading to referrals and positive feedback.

Benefits to outsourced customer experience

– Huge cost savings over a UK team

– Helps meet the expectations of online ordering

– Can be perceived as In-house when communication is quality

– Helps reach sales potential that comes with online stores

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