The importance of the DeskFrnd company values

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-08-30

At DeskFrnd, our values are a huge part of who we are, and we ensure they’re behind every decision we make. By championing our values, we are making it the norm to invest in workforces, with fair wages, excellent communities and everything needed to make employees feel safe and at home in their roles.

What are our values?

Be Kind – Approach everything we do with compassion and empathy, spreading it among colleagues, clients, and communities.

Keep Well – Staying physically and mentally fit and healthy to consistently perform at our best day to day.

Be You – Showing up to work as our whole selves, whilst living a life with passion and purpose outside of the office.

Excellence Always – Striving to be the best in our role as a standard, going above and beyond with a thirst for growth.

Think Freely – Encouraging curiosity in our work, with the freedom to ask questions and collaborate on ideas.

How do we live by them?

Our values are important in business, no matter where you are in the world or what role you’re in. They help bring out the best across our team from directors to trainees to the wider community. We’ve found our values help us build valuable relationships, inspire better ideas, maintain positive morale throughout the team, and promote inclusivity. They’re a great way to live and an ideal mindset to adopt – both in and out of work.

Be Kind

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind”. We have a “kindness first” approach ensuring we are always doing our best to spread a little more. We encourage all of our employees to enter situations with passion and empathy, especially in customer experience roles where problems must be mitigated effectively. It’s important our team’s attitude is dispersed to all of our stakeholders, prompting more people to be kind each day. We allow all employees and clients to share their honest opinion with us through surveys, allowing us to put right any wrongs and make the DeskFrnd Experience better.

Keep Well

As employees around the world face more issues like cost of living increases, it’s important for everyone to ‘keep well’. Throughout the business, we help people do their very best by supporting them to look after their mental and physical health. Improved health helps to build a stronger and more consistent team, increases employee retention, and builds happier client relationships. We work within numerous cultures, all facing their own daily challenges, meaning we must adapt to provide the best possible opportunity for everyone to better their health. We do provide collaborative and friendly communities and also pay good wages; our teams feel at home in the DeskFrnd environment.

Be You

As a global organisation, we understand everyone is different and we feel strongly about giving employees the freedom to be their best selves. By creating a culture of honesty and integrity, we help to improve mental wellbeing, consistency, and engagement within our team, allowing them to bring their whole selves to work each day. With personal development and learning opportunities, our employees grow their careers however they wish. We also encourage any sorts of hobbies or activities outside of work and for employees to organise their own events, embracing their unique individuality. As a “relationships first” company, this value also applies to our client base. At DeskFrnd, we respect all clients as individuals, allowing us to build more authentic relationships. Seeing them as not just a brand, but people.

Excellence Always

Excellence is strived for in our work. Our clients can be sure that our specialists will exceed their expectations. This drive pushes consistent quality, not just in the work we do, but in how we conduct ourselves as individuals. People are the heart of DeskFrnd, so not only do we focus on the excellence of our processes but the excellence of our employees. We take pride in our workforce and support them through their chosen career path, offering amazing training and development opportunities. Employees are surrounded by like-minded individuals, helping to uplift their passion and drive in the workplace

Think Freely

We always commend employees for airing their unique and creative thoughts and approaching issues with a different perspective. No idea is a silly idea when it comes to finding inspiration and problem-solving. Whether it’s related to someone’s own role, processes within the office, or wider business functions, we love to see the initiative of making new suggestions. At Head Office, we have a “Free Thinking” zone, where no idea is off the table and hierarchy is left at the door. We work to create a culture where anybody and everybody feels comfortable sharing honest and open thoughts, received without judgement.

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