The 4 typical CX issues and how we mitigate them

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-08-01

Your average CX team often handles customer complaints, but what if there are also problems with those in charge of customer experience? You could be left with nowhere to turn. So it’s important you can trust the quality of the people within a business just as much as their products/services.

In a recent poll we conducted, we found that the most common issue consumers face with CX teams is long queues, whether it be waiting for a live chat operator or call operator. In today’s age, convenience is one of the main factors in the customer decision-making process. So it’s essential businesses act on this and put a robust CX strategy in place. Coming in after long queues, voters also had problems with bad service, poor communication and too many operator transfers.

Long queues

When you need support, you want quick and clear answers to get you on your way, especially if your issue is due to mistakes from the business. We all know this is not always the case, with some customer support wait times being a matter of hours. Outsourcing with DeskFrnd can eliminate this issue by…

–       Saving you costs over your UK team, meaning you can afford to place more specialists on your team

–       Using a knowledgeable team can speed up resolution and churn through more enquiries

Bad service

It’s too common for customer support teams to be paid poor wages and given little opportunity, both overseas and in the UK. This inevitably reduces motivation and the level of care shown in the role. With minimal effort, complex problems will very rarely be solved, and the simplest could be solved in a rude or lazy manner. Outsourcing with DeskFrnd can overcome this obstacle as…

–       We pay good wages, and we offer great training and benefits. And because we care, so do our teams.

–       We only employ the most respectful and helpful specialists, who always have you in their best interests

Poor communication

Based on the majority of BPO companies, businesses generally have to choose between the inflexibility and overheads of a UK team. And the lack of accountability and control of a call centre halfway across the globe. To save costs, many use poor-quality call centres, leading to poor English or confusion due to a lack of understanding of the subject. We’ve re-engineered the outsourcing process, and can eradicate this issue because…

–       Our teams are not only fluent in English but are embedded in UK culture through our in-country directors, ensuring they fully understand your business and the industry you’re in.

Too many operator transfers

Touching on the fact convenience is huge in any buying process, having to explain your issue to one operator and then being transferred to another can be frustrating. This creates areas for key points to be missed, whilst also taking up more of the customer’s time. This could be due to connection problems or operators simply not having the expertise to help. We avoid this in the following ways.

–       Our specialists are all extremely competent meaning that transfers are rarely needed, we strive to give first-time resolutions.

What else can DeskFrnd offer?

As you know, DeskFrnd can combat all of the CX-based issues above, and our support teams are truly outstanding. But you may be wondering, what else does DeskFrnd do? We can take care of almost any process in nearly any sector. Just to name a few, we can offer marketing, recruitment, administration, finance and much more. If the process you’re looking to outsource is not listed, get in touch to see if we can help.

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