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By Ashley Kinsey2022-02-01  

Case Study | National Security Provider




When growing some particular businesses, handling operations out of hours can be a huge barrier to success – with the labour to manage this being extremely expensive.


This was an issue faced by a national security provider, covering various sites across the UK. Until they were fortunately introduced DeskFrnd.





Having previously handled late-night enquiries and call-outs with an expensive in-house coordination team, our client faced significant restrictions for the future. Finding in-house staff for such anti-social roles was a challenge in itself, never mind retaining these individuals. As a result, their costs were through the roof, and they were in need of a sustainable way of working.


The downtime caused by a lack of retention was reducing their ability to maintain their clients’ resilience. With their service offering slowly reducing, their reputation was at stake, and their likelihood of winning new tenders was plummeting. They knew that they had to find an alternative solution in order to operate smoothly and project growth in the future.





In the beginning of 2021, DeskFrnd introduced them to a team of 8 operators who are responsible for managing client enquiries outside of typical work hours. This includes alarm responses, welfare checks and Adhoc security requirements. By covering these elements, our client could return to taking on new sites with confidence because they have the piece of mind that out-of-hours workloads were taken care of. In fact, despite their new members being located on the other side of the world, the service was elevated massively. The difference is night and day from the initial in-house operators being spread too thin and feeling burnt out.


The initial team and the DeskFrnd team are in regular communication to ensure no information is lost between the shifts, as this could cause major issues. This also gives the DeskFrnd team the opportunity to ask any questions and raise their concerns.


The two teams have been working together seamlessly, and the business is now no longer letting down clients who require support outside of the typical 9-5 working hours. This is a huge weight lifted off their shoulders.






“The DeskFrnd team have been fundamental to our growth and ability to provide high-quality protection around the clock. We take pride in our response time and the operational resilience we offer to clients; DeskFrnd has allowed us to excel in these areas and set ourselves apart from the crowd.


We started with a small in-house support team, which proved to be a struggle on its own. We now have DeskFrnd covering all out-of-hours operations. This has given us the opportunity to focus on other aspects of the business, meaning we can reach growth targets with fewer restrictions and fewer factors negatively impacting our reputation.


DeskFrnd's account management team are always happy to help when we need it, and we’re forever grateful that we found such a service. ” T.P | Director