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By Ashley Kinsey2022-02-15  

Case Study | Marketing Agency




Running a successful marketing agency often requires a proficient and proactive team that can effectively promote clients' products and services. However, certain challenges can hinder the agency's growth and productivity. That's when the marketing agency turned to DeskFrnd for a transformative solution.




The marketing agency had been struggling with traditional recruitment methods and faced difficulties in finding qualified telesales professionals to push their services. Additionally, the agency lacked an extra marketer to meet the increasing demand from clients. These obstacles hampered their ability to expand their client base and deliver exceptional results.


Without a skilled and dedicated telesales team and an additional marketer, the agency's outreach efforts and marketing campaigns suffered. The lack of manpower led to missed opportunities, delayed responses to inquiries, and an overall decrease in customer satisfaction.






In their quest for a solution, the marketing agency partnered with DeskFrnd. This collaboration brought forth a team of three professionals specifically tailored to their needs. Two team members focused on telesales and worked throughout the week, while the third member joined to support the agency during peak periods. With DeskFrnd's assistance, the agency now had a dedicated telesales force to effectively promote their services and generate new leads. Additionally, the extra marketer bolstered the agency's capacity to handle the increased demand from clients.


DeskFrnd's team seamlessly integrated into the agency's operations and received personalised training to align with the agency's marketing strategies and values. Despite the team being located remotely, their excellent communication skills and adaptability ensured a seamless collaboration with the agency.


Regular communication and feedback between the marketing agency and the DeskFrnd team allowed for addressing concerns, refining strategies, and ensuring client satisfaction. This collaborative approach helped streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve the overall quality of the agency's services.






"DeskFrnd has been an invaluable partner for our marketing agency. The challenges we faced in recruiting telesales professionals and an additional marketer were hindering our growth and potential. However, since partnering with DeskFrnd, our agency has experienced a remarkable transformation.


Their team of talented telesales experts and the additional marketer have played a pivotal role in our success. Their dedication and professionalism have helped us reach new heights in client acquisition and deliver outstanding marketing results. The DeskFrnd team seamlessly integrated into our operations, becoming an integral part of our agency's culture.


Moreover, the open lines of communication and regular reviews allowed us to fine-tune our strategies and ensure a seamless workflow. DeskFrnd's adaptability and flexibility in meeting our evolving needs have been impressive.


Thanks to DeskFrnd, we have built a strong and motivated team, delivering exceptional services to our clients. I am truly grateful for the significant value they have brought to our agency. Our future looks brighter than ever, and we owe a great deal of our success to DeskFrnd." - Marketing Agency Director