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By Ashley Kinsey2022-10-19

So, it’s that time of year again. As we approach the Christmas period, your business is likely to see increased pressures, which will be difficult to manage with your existing workforce. Depending on your sector, demand is expected to go through the roof, and several of your business processes require more manpower. Solutions to this can be hard to find, especially when you need highly skilled workers, but we’re here to weigh up your options and help you get the right support in place.

The 3 main ways to fill seasonal resource gaps are Hiring in-house, traditional outsourcing and the DeskFrnd way. Below are the opportunities and obstacles of these approaches, to help you make your decision.

Hiring in-house 

Bringing on employees in-house during times of increased demand is often ineffective due to the complexity and costs. Before even mentioning costs, you’re likely to have less time on your hands and will have to go through a lengthy recruitment process due to a limited pool of candidates. This can get expensive very quickly when using UK teams due to the cost of labour and initial recruitment costs. In-house staff are also likely to demand more pay than remote workers due to commuting costs and providing that these staff are temporary, they’re likely to lack enthusiasm for your brand, drastically limiting their output.


– Physical interaction

– Easier to build a relationship


– Time-consuming

– Costly

– Minimal candidates available

– Little output

Traditional Outsourcing

Typically, outsourcing takes away your control, and there is no accountability within your workforce. This can become just as expensive as hiring in-house due to repeated issues and your team not being up to your expectations. Also, you have a lack of flexibility, considering you only need increased support for a short time period. This model is outdated and does not suit many of today’s modern businesses, who largely focus on community and collaboration, bringing about results by having efficient teams.


– Less responsibility

– Less time consuming

– Access to a larger talent pool


– Lack of control

– Poor quality

– Lack of flexibility

– No passion from workers

– Communication issues

DeskFrnd’s revolutionary model

The DeskFrnd way combines the flexibility and agility of an overseas team with the expertise, professionalism, and peace of mind you’d expect from your own in-house team. We offer the perfect middle ground, simplifying your decision-making process. You’ll have a dynamic team at your disposal that you turn up or down whenever you need them, making DeskFrnd perfect for managing spikes in demand.

We’re far from a traditional outsourcing company, that has little care for your company and targets. We take the time to understand your brand, and we care and invest in our people, your people, so they inevitably show care when handling your processes.

What you can expect

– Reduced headaches

– Significant cost savings over an in-house team

– Control over your team

– Support when you need it

– Flexibility

– Rapid scalability

DeskFrnd are not only with you for your seasonal periods but whenever you need us, though with black Friday and the Christmas period approaching, this may be the best time to seek support. This could be support in anything from customer service, to administration, to accountancy; we can offer specialists in almost any process. In addition to handling your seasonal demand, we can offer a notable return on investment using our intelligent overseas teams.

Need your resource gaps filling with global expert teams? Book a frndly chat with the team ready for the Christmas season!