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By Ashley Kinsey 2024-01-17  

Case Study | Facilities Management Company




Running a successful Facilities Management (FM) company requires efficient management of operations, but what happens when time restraints and heavy workloads become overwhelming? This was the reality for one FM company until they discovered the transformative solution offered by DeskFrnd.




The FM company had been grappling with time constraints and an ever-increasing workload, which was putting a strain on their resources and impacting their ability to deliver quality services. With limited manpower and a growing client base, they were struggling to meet service level agreements and maintain client satisfaction.

The mounting workload made it difficult for the company to allocate resources effectively, resulting in delays in addressing maintenance issues, responding to client inquiries, and coordinating service requests. The lack of a streamlined process and dedicated personnel had a detrimental effect on the company's reputation and customer retention.




In their search for a solution, the FM company turned to DeskFrnd. DeskFrnd provided a team of skilled professionals specifically tailored to the FM industry. These professionals took on key responsibilities such as handling client inquiries, coordinating service requests, managing maintenance schedules, and ensuring timely resolution of issues.

By using DeskFrnd, the FM company gained access to a team that worked diligently to alleviate their time constraints and manage their heavy workloads. The DeskFrnd team seamlessly integrated into the company's operations, leveraging their expertise to streamline processes and optimise resource allocation.

Regular communication and collaboration between the FM company and the DeskFrnd team ensured a smooth workflow. The company received timely updates on service requests and maintenance issues, allowing them to provide prompt and accurate responses to their clients. DeskFrnd's team became an extension of the FM company, dedicated to upholding their high standards of service delivery.




"Before discovering DeskFrnd, our company was facing significant challenges due to time restraints and heavy workloads. Our ability to effectively manage operations and meet client demands was severely compromised. However, since joining forces with DeskFrnd, our company has experienced a remarkable turnaround.

The team provided by DeskFrnd has become an indispensable asset to our company. Their dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence have been truly impressive. They have taken on critical responsibilities such as managing client inquiries, coordinating service requests, and ensuring timely maintenance resolution.

Thanks to the DeskFrnd team, our workload has become more manageable, allowing us to focus on delivering high-quality services to our clients. The seamless integration and effective communication have improved our response times, customer satisfaction, and overall operational efficiency.

We are grateful for DeskFrnd's invaluable contribution to our company's success. Their team has become an integral part of our operations, and we can now confidently handle our growing client base. Our future looks brighter than ever, thanks to DeskFrnd’s solutions." - Company Director