The fundamentals of outsourcing customer service

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-02-15

As restrictions lift, many businesses are beginning to thrive again, and it can become hard to spread a small team across your customer base when enquiries are at their highest. Rather than employing more staff and increasing your overheads, you could consider outsourcing your customer service.

How does outsourcing customer service work?

Outsourcing your customer services can be quick and simple, depending on your needs and the chosen provider. Upon your initial enquiry, we take the time to understand your business and its circumstances in order to offer you the best-suited support. Once we have picked out your own personal team of operators, we must incorporate them into your business. This means allowing them to learn your business’s everyday processes, your tone of voice and what it is you offer.

What kind of businesses can outsource customer service?

All kinds of businesses could outsource customer service; whether it is right for you depends on how you cope with demand, your growth, and the size of your team. If you have high growth potential but struggle managing customer enquiries, then our professional operators can help optimise your sales funnel and maximise your income. Our customer base includes various companies in sectors ranging from food delivery to security services. We work with businesses in any sector and adapt to suit your needs.

What are the benefits of outsourcing customer service?

The benefits of outsourced customer service are extensive and become more so with the more solutions available to you as a customer. For example, a live chat feature can avoid dropped sales, and an aftercare call could build brand loyalty. Some of the most important benefits include:

– Reduced costs

– Time to focus on other aspects of business

– Scalable to cope with demand

– More flexible than employing a team

– Rapid response times

– Improved customer satisfaction

Why choose DeskFrnd for your customer experience?

Your company’s success is in our best interest, and we work with you to ensure customer service is never in the way of your growth targets. Our month-to-month plans run perfectly with your changes in business needs, making you flexible in times of minimal or extreme demand.

We offer 24/7 support, meaning you’re not overrun with enquiries after an evening or weekend of curious customers waiting for answers. Your time management is made simple, and your customers remain happy around the clock, ultimately reducing abandoned purchases.

Thinking of outsourcing your customer service? Check out our pricing and get a quote!