Finding a best-suited solution to become a leader in CX

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-06-07

Decided to outsource some of your core business processes but have no idea where to begin? There are several solutions to choose from when handing over front-office functions, all of which have different benefits and serve different purposes. We’re going through some of the most popular services to help you take control of your customer experience like a true leader.

Call support

When customers run into a barrier, calling a customer service team is often the go-to way to find a resolution. Call support offers a more personal and human interaction, so if your goal is to bring customers closer to your brand, this could be the one for you. Not only can call support create strong customer connections, but it can also be beneficial when problems are complex and could become confusing over a chat function.

Call support can help build confidence in customers, providing the specialists handling tickets can listen effectively and deliver a quality solution. This confidence is what’s needed for customers to take that highly desired action and become a conversion.

Live chat

You could say live chat is the future of customer service, with many businesses now bringing almost immediate satisfaction to customers. Though the personal and human touch of call support is missing, many people in today’s society value convenience more. Prime examples include Amazon’s checkout-less stores and several supermarkets offering online ordering and same-day delivery.

Whether live chat is right for you depends a lot on your brand. If you want to be seen as speedy, tech-savvy, and futuristic, then it may be your perfect match. Whereas a brand that is friendly, traditional, and relationship-focused would benefit more from quality call support.

Technical support

No matter how much testing is carried out, users are bound to come across barriers with your software. It’s important to ensure that you have a qualified team and that customers are going through to someone who knows the tech inside and out. Being there to provide specialist reassurance on the systems being used will massively improve your customer experience.

Similarly to live chat, a dedicated technical support team can reinforce a brand that aims to be tech-savvy and convenient. With businesses moving more and more online each day, technical support is becoming more integral to smooth customer journeys. More traditional organisations may benefit more from a call support team to deal with returns and refunds rather than app issues and user errors.

Email support

If your customers’ typical enquiries are not urgent, and time plays little part in their decision-making, then email support could be effective in helping you save costs. When emails are your dominant form of contact, customer expectations focus less on speed and more on the quality of response.

Though your team will want to answer as quickly as possible, emails are almost never responded to in 30 seconds, meaning your team can be much smaller than one handling inbound and outbound calls.

As the focus is turned to the quality of response, this can take a more literate group of support specialists. And with this done right, email support can portray your brand as hugely professional and competent.


Frequently asked questions are a handy addition to a website to help take pressure off your support team and resolve issues even quicker. If particular questions take up a large number of your enquiries, adding the answer to your website can free up time for more personal or niche enquiries.

It’s rare that you can solely rely on FAQs, though they are extremely useful when used parallel to one of the solutions above. They can also save you costs by reducing the hours your dedicated team spend handling tickets.

Which method should I use?

Despite there being countless factors to consider when choosing a support method, you should review the solutions above, along with the following areas to help make your decision.

– Brand image and values
– Product portfolio
– Your use of technology
– The type, number, and length of enquires being made
– Whether your customers value convenience or connection

If you’re considering outsourcing back-office or front-office business processes, get in touch! We can help you come to the best decision possible to ensure you’re saving costs and headaches.