DeskFrnd helps a leading national security provider grow

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-02-15

About the client

Our client is a security and business protection company, who specialise in working with global facilities management companies and end service users. They work on a national level using their regional teams and local delivery.

DeskFrnd Team Setup

DeskFrnd runs a team of eight dedicated operators covering 16 hours per day, working in integration with a small in-house team who take care of in hours enquiries. This ensures consistent 24/7 coverage with the option of bursts for extremely demanding periods. Problems with global FM clients can be solved just as effectively out of hours, without the overheads of a permanent overnight team.

DeskFrnd Team Results

– £90k+ per year in overhead reduction
– 90%+ customer satisfaction
– 40-second response times
– 2x burst capacity over the business periods
– 0 downtime due to staffing or recruitment

What the client is saying about DeskFrnd

The DeskFrnd team have been fundamental to our growth and ability to provide high-quality protection around the clock. We take pride in our response time and the operational resilience we offer to clients; DeskFrnd has allowed us to excel in these areas and set ourselves apart from the crowd.

We started with a small in-house support team, and we now have DeskFrnd covering all out-of-hours operations. This has given us the opportunity to focus on other aspects of the business, meaning we can reach growth targets with fewer restrictions.”

About DeskFrnd

We build full-service support teams that flex and scale monthly. Our dedicated teams provide technical product and service support and also handle wider issues too – such as invoicing, escalations, and more.

We operate out of multiple countries to deliver 24/7, fast resolutions for our clients. Our recruiting and management engine can deliver 100+ trained individuals in one month. Companies work with us to scale their support operation quickly while improving key metrics such as response to resolution, CSAT, NPS and revenue per customer.

Our service comes fully managed. We use a three-part management system to ensure consistently high performance from all of our Specialists.