Customer service week 2022 – The value of customer service

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-10-01

National Customer Service Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of customer service, those in the sector, and their wider impact on the business world. The week-long celebration is run by the Institute of Customer Service and is jampacked with handy resources, with a different topic assigned to be discussed each day. We would personally like to say a huge thank you to all our customer support specialists and all businesses who strive to offer the best customer service.

Why is Customer Service important?

In businesses of all kinds, customers will run into various issues; without customer service, they would simply go elsewhere, and there would be no way of converting these leads. Customer service helps maintain a lead’s interest when the buying process is not exactly as desired. In addition, a customer service team can massively contribute to shaping your brand image. Customers never remember an average interaction with a business, only the good and the bad, so placing a quality team in front of your customers is vital.

What does the future of customer service look like?

Technology in most industries is advancing rapidly, and customer service is no anomaly. However, it can be easy for there to be too much technology in such a people-focused practice. With chatbots and AI, customers miss out on human connection when they need it the most. Though when managed correctly, the wealth of today’s software can be outstanding.

A significant percentage of customer service workers are currently burnt out in their roles, and there is a lack of focus on wellbeing. As technology advances, this helps lighten the load on these workers; however, businesses need to actively protect the mental health of their customer service teams, not just for one week, but all year round.

Based on various surveys, customer service operatives feel there tends to be a lack of clarity about their actions. This calls for greater management of customer service teams as we head into the future, offering sufficient support to ensure everyone can perform their role with passion and confidence. We’re big on investing in our people and promoting personal training and development to bring out the best in everyone.

What our customer support specialists have to say


How long have you worked in customer service?

I have worked in customer service now for over 7 years.

What made you want to go into the sector?

I started off in customer service within Tourism & Hospitality. I soon started enjoying my role as I get the opportunity to meet & interact with different people from different countries, getting to know more about their lives abroad and their culture.

What is your favourite part about the role?

My favourite part of my role is engaging with different people from different ethnic backgrounds, listening to their concerns & then providing them with the best possible solution. I always look forward to helping out customers & trying my best to put a smile on their faces.


How long have you worked in customer service? 

I am now 4 years into my customer service career.

What made you go into the sector? 

I originally worked in the retail sector and felt comfortable helping customers with their concerns, so I thought, why not find a role where I can help a wide range of people each day? Taking that step has really helped me build my interpersonal skills and become much more confident in supporting others.

What is your favourite part about the role?

I really enjoy making a difference in everyone’s experience, and it’s great to always be developing my communication and problem-solving skills. A lot of what I learn in my role can be transferred to other areas of life, so I am forever grateful for my level of personal development in customer service.


How long have you worked in customer service?

 I have been working as a CSR for 2 years now.

What made you want to go into the sector?

I believe that dealing with all different kinds of scenarios always helps me learn new things, which is something I’ve always searched for and is the main reason I joined this field.

What is your favourite part about the role?

The best part of the field is that I’ve developed excellent communication skills (as is not my native language) and also improved my system handling due to multi-tasking much more than in previous roles.


How long have you worked in customer service?

 It’s been just over 2 years since I began working in customer service.

 What made you want to go into the sector?

 There are several reasons which made me choose this sector, here are some:

· While in this sector, I can work on my Promoting Skills

· I also get the chance to learn how to truly tackle issues and provide the best solutions.

· I’ve mastered different communication mediums and It’s really helped me in every aspect of my life

· I have the chance to work with a diverse group in a collaborative environment; every day I learn to interact with new people.

What is your favourite part about the role?

My favourite part about my role is always learning new things, and being given the freedom to work independently or collaboratively to bring the best out of myself and others around me.

How DeskFrnd can help

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More on National Customer Service Week 2022

If you want to find out more about the special occasion, you can visit the Institute of Customer Service website, where you can find the schedule for the week. This includes talks on the balance of humans and technology, transformation in the industry and appreciation of all workers helping to make businesses better.

They also offer a comprehensive range of personal development resources, including training courses and events, suitable for anyone from trainees to customer service managers. If you’re looking to widen your knowledge of managing customer enquiries then they have plenty for you to dive into.