Outsourced CX stereotypes and how we challenge them

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-03-20

How we challenge CX stereotypes.

Many people have a negative perception of customer support teams due to stories or experiences of poor quality. We can assure you that this only applies to a select minority and we have processes in place to challenge any stereotypes created around CX services.

Here at DeskFrnd, our aim is to complement your brand and do everything we can to ensure your customer base is satisfied. Here are some common stereotypes and how we challenge them, ensuring you get the best from us.

“Outsourcing CX is too costly”

Some may believe that paying another company for their labour is more expensive than employing their own team, however, this is not always the case. Our smart pricing tool shows you how much you can save on labour by using our teams of customer experience specialists. After your initial investment into outsourcing, you should see a notable reduction in your company’s staffing overheads.

“CX teams don’t understand your business”

We take the time to ensure that our teams become an extension of your business and are fully familiar with your processes. They are trained to ensure they’re capable of triaging tickets effectively when issues arise. We have various solutions to suit a wide range of businesses, no matter the scenario we always set aside time to fully train & develop our staff.

“CX teams have poor language”    


Clear communication is essential when it comes to dealing with customer enquiries. Our fast resolutions are made possible by our clear and well-spoken customer experience teams. We have thorough recruitment and screening & vetting processes to ensure that our CX teams meet language requirements. This way our teams can perform their roles with confidence and to DeskFrnd standards.

“Outsourcing gives you no control”

Outsourcing is usually associated with lessened control; however, our services are flexible and scalable throughout. We use month-to-month plans to allow you to change your team with your requirements. We have a 2x burst capacity, meaning you can cope with spikes in demand much easier than with a permanent team. Having a permanent team in-house offers you lesson flexibility and control over the level of support available to you. Our dynamic teams allow you to ramp up or reduce the support whenever you need.

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