Can outsourcing call support benefit your CX strategy?

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-07-01

Why are calls important?

Calls are a fundamental part of managing customer expectations, as this is the main way many have reached businesses for as long as they can remember. Although there are more convenient methods such as live chat, calls provide a human connection which is hard to capture in any other way. This can help build stronger relationships and ultimately, more loyal customers. Many people employ a small team in the UK to handle their calls, but as customer expectations rise, similar setups are becoming insufficient.

There are two types of calls that a business may need to manage to ensure its success in its day-to-day operations. These are inbound and outbound calls.

Inbound calls

This is where a team receives calls from customers, generally managing enquires and using problem-solving to bring them the best solution possible. This is handled by customer support specialists who are specially trained on the issues faced when using a business’s products or services. Having the quickest yet most effective team helps you smash through customer enquiries and reduce the time customers wait. This can be hard using a small and restricted UK team, which is where Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) comes into play.

Outbound calls

This is where a business makes calls to existing and prospective customers for several reasons; this could be cold calling to increase sales or to gain forms of feedback. This would be carried out by a sales team as the aim is to retrieve value from customers rather than to provide support.

Pros and Cons of outsourcing calls

Though calls are important to building advocacy, your time may be better spent focusing on growth. This is why inbound/outbound calls are often outsourced. Here are some pros and cons to outsourcing your calls (Dependant on provider):


– Cost savings on labour overheads
– Reduced wait times
– Teams can be flexible with demand
– 2x burst capacity during high demand (In our case)

Cons – See how we challenge these below

– Poor quality
– Language barriers
– Hard to monitor
– No understanding of UK-culture

Why we are different

Our teams are embedded in UK culture and highly invested in, ensuring they can act as an extension of your team. We offer the peace of mind, professionalism, and expertise you’d expect from your own in-house people. So you can save costs on your labour without having to sacrifice the quality of your customers receive.

With our own in-country directors, we have the best connection with our Frnds possible. Any specialists deployed to your business will be monitored and helped by our in-country team throughout their role, with opportunities for toolbox talks and training along the way.

Want to reduce your overheads and exceed customer expectations? Get in touch with us today!