Can live chat deliver a quality CX and boost sales?

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-04-21

Live chat functions are something that most of us have used at least once in the past, and they can completely transform the way a business attends to customer enquiries. When managed correctly, the online chat can be just as effective as a real-life experience, and our Chat Frnd solution looks to do just that. Live chat may look simple to implement; however, there is a lot to be considered in order to smash customer satisfaction targets.

What should be considered?

Response time capability

Live chat is a wide customer favourite when it comes to support, and this is down to the typical speed at which questions can be answered. Considering this, the response time of a given team is a main focus when putting it in place. The average live chat response time is approximately 2 minutes 40 seconds, with teams answering in less than 30 seconds. Therefore, paying for a strong enough team is paramount to meeting customer expectations.

Language barriers

Any quality provider will arrange their teams to ensure the language through live chat is best as can be. There are sometimes differences between the quality of language in writing and talking on the phone, so it’s essential the strongest writers are put forward for the job. Using a provider with an experienced and well-trained workforce will minimise the risk of any language issues, meaning your live chat can be up and running in no time.

Contract terms

The need for live chat can come and go as your demand changes, so you do not want to be stuck with a full-time team all year on a fixed contract. We offer flexible month-to-month plans to combat this, allowing you to chop and change freely. With Chat Frnd, you can have anything from a full-time team, operating 24/7, to just a few specialists to support sales when needed. All with no long-term commitments.

What are the Pros and cons of live chat?


– Extremely convenient for users
– Users stay on your site so are less likely to abandon purchase
– Can be used to convert visitors and increase sales
– Can create a tech-savvy brand image


– Customers may not feel as connected compared to a call
– Must be optimised for various device platforms

A live chat function is no doubt a brilliant feature for all kinds of businesses, but as you can see it must be managed effectively to be successful. At DeskFrnd our aim is to deliver the outsourcing process your business deserves, and with our Chat Frnd solution, you get the peace of mind, professionalism, and expertise you’d expect from your own in-house team.

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