5 Steps to success for Customer Support Specialists

By Ashley Kinsey 2022-04-11

The role of a customer support specialist involves championing the brand you’re assigned to and doing everything possible to assist their customers. Doing your absolute best can massively improve a company’s reputation and brand image, so it’s vital you’re giving it your all. Here are 5 tips to help you succeed in a customer support role:

1. Enthusiasm for learning 

Quality customer support is something that’s learned over time, meaning everyone makes mistakes. These should be looked at carefully to make improvements. Customer support roles can bring a whole world of problems to be solved, and there is always room for more learning. Being enthusiastic and eager to learn will massively improve your experience as a support specialist by opening more opportunities and making your day-to-day work smoother.

2. Kindness and empathy

A customer service experience can change a person’s perception of a business both positively and negatively, so it’s important you’re polite, understanding, and helpful. Showing a positive attitude can make time less stressful for both you and any customers. Being open-minded and stepping into the customer’s shoes allows you to relate with them and deliver the most genuine solution.

Practising Kindness and empathy in everything you do will reflect on others and help lift the morale of your entire work environment. This way everyone gets the best, whether it’s your colleagues, the business, or their customers.

3. Product research

Understanding a business’s products and services helps you answer any questions customers might have. Although some enquires will need escalation, this will maximise the number of tickets you’re able to solve. Having the correct knowledge ensures you avoid misinformation and can storm through tickets effectively. Being able to speak about the products and services as if they are your own will help eliminate any doubt in customers, leading to more positive interactions.

4. Building Technical skills

A customer enquiry is rarely a single question and can lead to many more, so you must be acclimated with the technology and software you use in your role. Your speed and confidence mean less time is lost, positively influencing customers’ perceptions of the company and its customer service department. In addition, this ensures information is not lost and your time can be put to the best use possible.

5. Communication skills

Last but certainly not least, your communication skills should be a key area to develop. You can tick all the above, but without adequate communication skills, your other great traits could be hidden from the customers you’re dealing with. This is another trait that comes with time which is why it’s important to own up to and analyse your mistakes. Taking some time to focus on your communication can massively benefit your support delivery, work relationships and everyday life.

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